New Year

This is a little late in coming, but Happy New Year!

The new year certainly has started off with a bang here in the Scottsville/Esmont area – two snowstorms within a couple of weeks! Now, I honestly love snow, and I enjoy seeing the beauty of the landscape covered with snow. But, I know that for many people in our area, the first snow was not a thing of beauty. I am grateful for the linemen and all of the crews who worked hard to clear the trees and restore power, and my prayers are with those still trying to recover from those many days without electricity.

I also am grateful that we have the ability to pre-record our worship services, so that even in bad weather, we can still worship together online. If you haven’t been able to participate in in-person worship the last few weeks, I encourage you to check out our YouTube channel – Southern Albemarle Charge (

As we begin this new year, we are making a push for small groups in our charge. Small groups are an excellent way to deepen our discipleship. They give us an opportunity to more deeply explore passages of the Bible and to ask questions and contemplate different interpretations of Scripture. They provide us with support as we walk as disciples of God. We are compiling results from a small group survey to figure out what groups would be best to offer and when. I hope everyone will find a way to engage in a small group.

Finally, I want to share a good devotional resource with you. For several years, I have received daily email devotions from the Henri Nouwen Society – These free devotions have greatly enriched my understanding of God and our life as disciples. Nouwen was an excellent thinker and theologian and was definitely filled with the Spirit of God.

If you use other daily devotions, let me know! I always enjoy checking out new material.

As we journey through this week, may the love of God fill us and strengthen us!

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