Prayers for School

Public schools started in August, but we are starting to hear reports of kids testing positive for Covid and close contacts having to quarantine. Our preschool here at Scottsville UMC is beginning this week. So, this is a good time for us to pause and say a prayer for the students and teachers and everyone working at our schools.

Let us prayer:

Holy Lord, thank you for this school year in Albemarle, in Fluvanna, in Buckingham, and at Scottsville UMC Preschool. Thank you for this time for the kids to grow and learn. Bless them in their learning. Bless them in their play. Through their work may they grow in wisdom and kindness. Thank you, too, for the teachers, the staff and administration, the custodial staff, nutrition services, bus drivers, and all who work to make school possible. Bless their work and strengthen them for their jobs. Ease any anxious hearts of parents. We pray, especially, for a safe and healthy school year. We pray for those who are sick with Covid, that they will be safely healed. We pray for those who are in quarantine. We pray for all who have to stay at home – for their health and that their learning will not be disrupted. Hear our prayers, O Lord. Amen.

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