Autumn Reflections

We recently had a fall festival for kids, and one of the fun craft projects was a foam fall wreath. On the wreath were the words “God never leaves [leaf] us.” I thought that was cute and clever and true. God never does leave us.

But we can choose to leave God. Or perhaps we can not see God with us. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever struggled to see God with you?

Honestly, I have struggled with this sometimes. I do think it is a natural part of our faith. Lots of Christians have struggled with what St. John of the Cross called “the dark night of the soul.” We don’t always “feel” it. Sometimes we just “go through the motions” of faith – coming to church for worship, praying, reading the Bible – even when we don’t feel God near to us. But we do these things, because we know that at some point, we will “feel” God, we will encounter God.

John Wesley once asked a mentor if he should preach, because he wasn’t feeling the faith. Wesley was advised to preach faith until he got it and then keep on preaching. The same is for us. Go through the motions of faith until we get it and then keep on keeping on.

Because God never leaves us. Even if we aren’t aware, God is present and at work. God is loving us, convicting us, sustaining us, and teaching us.

So as we look at the leaves around us this autumn and watch them fall, let’s think of God and how God never leaves us.

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