We are Loved

I have been using the app “Everyday Sanctuary” as part of my daily devotions. Yesterday’s contemplation invited us to mediate on 1 John 3:1 – “See how great a love God has for you that you are known, a child of God.” What does it mean for us to be loved? Do we know we are loved? This is the core of our faith – we are loved. God claims us. And this isn’t for anything that we do or because of who we know or what we say. We can’t earn God’s love. It simply exists. God claims us and loves simply because we exist. This is a wonderful and precious gift that we can rejoice in. It is life-giving. This is a message that I hope we can share with every person – we are loved – each and every one of us is loved.

Once we recognize this truth, then how do we live? How do we live with the knowledge that we are loved and that every person we encounter also is loved by God? Does this affect how we treat one another? Can we be more kind and gentle toward each other? Can we be more patient? Can we love one another?

I invite us practice the breath prayer that the app inviting me to pray – “I am loved.” Breathe in and out as we say this prayer. Breathe in this truth and feel it to the tips of our toes. I am loved. We are loved.

May God’s love permeate us and fill us.

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